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Frequently Asked Questions

Do beavers live in their dams?

No, beavers live in lodges or dens. Dams are built by beavers to slow water and create ponds.

What are lodges? How do I spot one?

Beavers construct lodges out of branches and can look similar to their dam. The lodge serves as a den for their kits, a place to sleep, and a safe place to eat.

Do beavers eat fish?

No, beavers are vegetarians. They eat herbaceous plants such as cattails, water lilies, or other aquatic vegetation, and the leaves and inner bark of woody plants. 

What is the familial structure?

Beavers mate for life. They are mammals and produce 1-6 offspring, or kits, every spring. Once the kits are old enough, usually 2 years old, they will venture off on their own.

Are beavers nocturnal?

Yes, beavers are typically active at night.

Do beavers hibernate?

No, they are very active in the wintertime. They need a pond that is deep enough to swim under the ice to access their lodge.

Can beavers live on a prairie?

Yes, beavers can construct their dams and lodges using thin willow stems and marsh plants. (See our Nachusa Grasslands Project).



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