About Us

Midwest Beaver Management

This small business was founded by a father and son duo in 2019. Midwest Beaver Management is dedicated to restoring the region's waterways to finding humane solutions for the "issues" beaver cause. We install fences and pipes, aka "flow devices" to prevent beaver flooding and the blocking of culverts and drains.

Message from the Owner

My kids grew up to love nature as much as I did. We wanted to do something to help restore balance. We knew that trees are key, both to life locally and globally, so we started a campaign to convince people to plant trees. Then came insects, fires, storms, and floods: trees were dying faster than people could plant them.

As I watched fires rage over California, I wondered why beavers weren’t doing more to slow the fires. I learned from Heidi Perryman that beavers had long ago been extirpated from most of California, and were considered by many to be a non-native species. Her website recommended Ben Goldfarb’s book Eager: the secret life of beaver and why they matter. From Ben, I learned that beavers can also help stop flooding, erosion, and pollution, which are the banes of Midwest waterways. I also learned about Mike Callahan and his mission to train a corps of beaver believers who could install flow devices and teach people to co-exist with beaver. My son encouraged me to join the Beaver Corps, and now I’m the owner of Midwest Beaver Management.

Jeff Boland-Prom: Founder

Jeff grew up on a farm in the Pacific Coast when he fell in love with the beauty of nature and quickly learned how fragile it could be. He grew up near Mt. St. Helens in Washington state and lived through the volcanic eruption.

He brings together his love of nature with his education in applied mathematics and previous teaching experience. This knowledge gives Jeff the expertise to perform rigorous, systematic research based understanding of beaver behavior and stream hydrology. He is able to use statistics to develop a deeper understanding of hydrology and stream flow dynamics.

Edwin Prom: Co-Founder

Edwin found his passion for enginnering while serving in the Army Corp of Engineers for six years. During his time in the Corp, he took on leadership roles to complete large construction/land projects. Edwin's experience with managing and delegating aspects of these projects has made him a vital component of Midwest Beaver Management. His love for the outdoors highly influenced his involvement in the company as well. Edwin has previously lived and worked in The Boundary Waters located in The Superior National Forest in northeastern Minnesota. There, he was able to be surrounded in nature in his everyday life. Upon returning to his home in the midwest, Edwin continues to make his love for nature a priority through providing the services that Midwest Beaver Management offers to landowners.