Midwest Beaver Management, LLC

Are beavers flooding your land, blocking your culverts, altering creek flow, or destroying your trees? 

We have multiple humane solutions available and tailored to your needs here

Beaver activity can cause many problems, such as blocked culverts, excessive pond size, undesirable water levels in wetlands, flooded crop areas, and downed trees. Unmanaged beaver activity can change wetland water levels, alter the flow of creeks and rivers, and raise the water table levels which can lead to flooded property.

Midwest Beaver Management, LLC is a family-owned business dedicated to finding solutions for beavers to coexist with humans. We specialize in installing devices that will humanely and permanently solve problems at a much lower price than trapping. Our founder, Jeff Boland-Prom, was trained by Mike Callahan and the Beaver Institute, the leading international authority on beaver management.

Read more about our team here: https://www.midwestbeaver.com/about-us/about-us